Prepare Walls and Roof of Your House for Winter

By March 12, 2015May 8th, 2019House Painting

Summertime is the best time to repaint your exterior before the wet weather of winter comes. Getting your house prepared for winter is a difficult task for the homeowner. Citywide Decorators are specialists in house painting and house washing in Auckland and would like to protect your home from adverse weather conditions. Here are some of our methods in protecting your investment.

The Right Paint!

Choosing the right paint is very essential to help protect your exterior. Water-based acrylic water-resistant paints are preferred by Citywide Decorators. Top quality exterior acrylic paints have greater durability and better colour retention, they continue to look good for years. Since they do not tend to get brittle as oil-based paints do, acrylic paints also have better resistance to cracking. Acrylic paints dry much faster than oil-based paints allowing painters to quickly apply a second coat. Acrylic water-based paint can easily be cleaned by a homeowner using soap and water.

Check Leaks in Roofs and Walls

After paint selection, Citywide Decorators begin the work of checking roofs, windows, walls, and decks to see if there is any rust or rot which may cause leaking during the winter months. Cracks, rust, and rot are filled or repaired before painting. After all the repairing work has been completed, a total house washing is carried out, this is done so that on re-painting, the paint adheres to the walls for years to come. A water-resistant paint should be applied on the roof and walls of a house to avoid iron and timber damage.

Exterior Walls

Exterior walls are thoroughly pressure washed before re-painting. We use high-quality weather-resistant paint to avoid damage to the walls during rain and hail. We only use high-quality paint as low-quality paint will break down faster and won’t guard walls during heavy rainfall or other adverse weather conditions. For maximum protection, you may apply a water-sealant, a special liquid that acts as a protective layer against water and is applied like paint onto concrete walls.

Windows and Doors

Wooden doors and windows swell up during the winter months if they are not prepared and painted properly. Water can leak into end grain in the timber and start to rot away timber sills and sashes. Citywide Decorators can strip, sand, prepare and paint your windows and doors so that they are protected from water.

Damage to Interior Ceiling and Walls from Leaks

Once Citywide Decorators have finished painting your place it will be watertight. This prevents water from leaking into your home and creating leaky home syndrome. These are some measures that Citywide Decorators use to protect your house during the winter months. A little care and attention prior to winter could save homeowners from damage and stress caused by a leaking house.

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