Winter Weather Painting

By March 5, 2015May 8th, 2019House Painting

We are approaching winter now and here at Citywide Decorators, we have to find new and innovative ways to keep the job going through these frosty days. One of the best methods we use is warm air circulation. We use this method to speed up paint curing times as temperatures can get as low as 10 degrees in Auckland. Sometimes the paint film can lose its gloss level from cold damp conditions so it’s important to cure paints at the specified temperature.

Another method is by using Resene’s Wintergrade version of paints, these are available in Lumbersider, Sonyx 101, Hi Glow, X-200, Quick Dry, Roof Primer, Summit Roof and will dry in conditions down to 5-10 Degrees Celsius.

When working outside in cold weather we never start on a job when there is dew or frost on the house, and we make sure to knock off at around 4 pm to let the paint dry completely before the temperature drops too low otherwise the paint film may not dry and will wash off or start to run with the morning dew.

Exteriors can be successfully painted throughout winter if we make sure that we follow the sun around the house and pay attention to rain forecasts. There is sometimes a bit of downtime due to rain which can affect our profit margins but we expect this from time to time during the winter months.

Overall painting during the winter season can be successful if precautions are taken.