How to Choose a Roof Colour

By May 7, 2015May 8th, 2019Roof Painting

We understand that choosing the perfect roof colour can be confusing. Through research and talking to friends, neighbours and roofing experts you can get the best advice and colour assistance. Here are a few essential things to consider when choosing roof paint colours:

Quality Of The Paint – Look at More than just the Colour

Getting your roof painted is not something you do often. Choosing a good quality roof paint will ensure the colour lasts for years to come and that it will provide an effective protective shield against the natural elements. If you want your house roof colour to last, a waterborne acrylic that offers UV protection and has good water resistant properties is recommended.

Type of Home – Roof Colour Should Complement the Exterior Colour Scheme

The style or design of your house plays a vital role when selecting the best roof paint colour. The paint colour chosen should suit the style of the house and should complement the colour of the cladding, doors, windows and other exterior aspects. We recommend you to go for a colour that imparts a unified and balanced look to the house exterior. However, elements like the condition of the roof, if it’s shaded or in direct sunlight are some crucial factors that must be considered before the selection.

Type of Preferred Look – Modern or Classic?

These days we have an exhaustive selection of colour options that allow you to select the best roof paint colour that best provides your home with a beautiful exterior. Contemporary neutral colour schemes give your house a modern style whereas choosing more monochromatic colours can fit with classic older styles.

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