Restore your roof for the winter months

Roof restoration and maintenance is very important to ensure the top of your house is always clean, well painted and leak proof. Roof restoration not only protects the cosmetic appearance of the roof, but it also protects its structural integrity.

Roof restoration ensures that the roof is moss and mould free; if it is regularly pressure cleaned and painted professionally you will have a comfortable living environment. This also future proofs your home and ensures the roof remains leak-proof for years to come.


Importance of roof restoration and painting

We know roof is the most integral part of the house; it constitutes almost 40 percent of the external surface of the house. Your roof is basically the first line of defence against elements, which would otherwise damage your precious assets. It is therefore important to ensure roof is maintained and painted at least once every 7-10 years and inspected regularly.

Roof maintenance and repair confirms there are no leaks in the roofing material. Since, leaks – if not fixed properly – can lead to many expensive problems.
Roof painting on the other hand makes your home look attractive and helps enhance the value of the property (in case you’re thinking of selling).

Choose a colour wisely

Painting a roof is tough task, but installing a new roof is tougher. If you regularly get a professional to inspect your roof you won’t face problems in the future with needed roof replacement costs. Once the roof has been inspected and prepared for painting an appropriate colour can be chosen. Light colours are often recommended due to their being able to reflect more heat and UV. – Dark colours often break down and fade faster, but the plus is that can actually make your home warmer, that is, if you want it that way, or you can try the new trend – Light Coloured roofs!

A professional painter will tell you, dark colours are an important solution for reducing energy usage, ultimately lowering energy consumption in your home.

Cool light roofs reflect ultra violet rays, more than other colours, and results in a cooler roof. This helps in keeping the home temperatures cooler and enhances financial saving in the summer time. Light coloured roof leads to cooler interiors, putting less burdens on air conditioners – thus passing on saving when your receive your electricity bills.

Recently, NASA conducted a survey on roofs in New York City. The survey concluded that dark coloured heat absorbing roofs were hotter than white roofs, and that painting roofs white could help reduce air conditioning costs by almost 20 percent. Another similar research conducted by the University of Concordia concluded that by painting one percent of the world’s urban household roofs white, we could reduce carbon emissions significantly.

Why look for professional roof painting service?

Roof painters in Auckland are experts in the painting field. They have years of experience in painting roofs, for the most affordable price. You have two options – one to paint the roof yourself and risk life and limb, and second to allow roof painters do the hard work for you.

It is advisable to seek professional help when dealing with steep and dangerously high roofs. Roof painters have been in business for years and they can help you choose the right colour for right type of roof material. And also carry out the task of painting the roof within your budget.

Roof painters in New Zealand, Auckland, are professionals who specialize in painting rooftops. Paint job for your roof? Try the professionals… Roof Painters Auckland!