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House Washing Auckland

Moss, mould and lichen looks really unsightly and can cause a number of respiratory and other health conditions. Keep you and your family safe while preserving the integrity of your home or place of business by employing the professionals. Citywide Decorators will transform your roofs, cladding, soffits, facia, pergolas, decks, fences, pathways and driveways. Get rid of that black mouldy slime that can cause your loved ones to slip and potentially injure themselves. Give your property a new lease on life! Let us help you with house washing chores in Auckland.

Pressure Washing / Building Washing in Auckland

We recommend pressure washing your property at least once a year, this adds to the lifespan of the materials used to clad your building. Keep your driveways and pathways clean and don’t let black mould stain them forever. It is crucial to keep mould spores from attaching themselves to your paintwork; this is one of the common reasons why painted surfaces start to break down. Don’t wait until you have to fork out for a costly repaint! A yearly cleaning maintenance schedule will save you money! Many of our customers pre-schedule annual house washing in Auckland with us. We use our special solution on any mould or stubborn lichen found on your property. Then we use high pressure water washing for roofs, concrete driveways and pathways. Medium to low water pressure is used on building cladding and pathway tiles.

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