7 Tips for Picking the Correct Paint Colour for Your Home

Colour choices are certainly connected with your moods and feelings. Responding to colours is a natural human instinct for anyone, but the importance of colour is often underestimated. Colours can affect us subtly and significantly when we spend large amounts of time surrounded by them.

Below are 7 important tips for picking the right paint colour for your homes!


To get started, shortlist your favorite colours and experiment within a small area. Paint test patches in different light source areas within bathrooms, on accent walls or areas between two rooms to see the way different light sources effect the colour.

Think About The Mood Setting

While selecting a suitable colour consider the mood setting of individual room. A bedroom setting should be calm, peaceful and soothing. Typically the soft, neutrals and cooler colours are ideal for a composed bedroom setting. Similarly, your dining area should feel appealing and socializing and as such warmer colours and brighter contrasts should be chosen for creating an ideal social ambiance. However, for a formal setting deeper-blues, or greys and neutrals should be opted.

Lighting is Important

Stronger colours like red can produce a vibrant statement when applied on feature walls behind fire surrounds or beds. Vibrant colours can also become overpowering if used in areas with a powerful light source. So always consider your lighting options whilst selecting a favorable colour contrast.

Get aquanted with Colour Terms

Understanding colour terminology is very important. For example, hue is refers to any colour eg. blue is a hue, red is a hue and so on. Colour hue refers to the pure colour, one that doesn’t have shade or tint (No added white or black). Hue saturation refers to the dominance of the hue and intensity of colour which increases its brilliance.

Test Your Colour Choice

You don’t need to stick to traditional colour combinations. Go on, get out of your comfort zone and test different combinations. Getting outside your comfort zone with colours that you wouldn’t normally choose can give you a great end result which you will love.

Add Depth With Unique Finishes

Transform the dull walls of your apartment into appealing and interesting spaces by adding either dramatic or subtle paint effects. Layered colour glazes or glistening metal or mineral finishes are typically used for adding depth to walls. Reflective metal paint effects include copper, mica, pewter, antiqued gold/silver and bronze.

Follow The Colour Wheel

The colour wheel is one amazing reference tool which can be used effectively for colour selection. Example green and red (two contrasting but intense colours), when used together can result in a very neutral colour. The colour wheel can also be used for measuring visual temperature of colours.